The Danger of Aiming for Perfection

We obsess with perfectionism, it's the fear that holds many of us back. It's one of the reasons I don't utilize this blog and why I don't post on LinkedIn. However, when I take a step back I realize that's a silly fear. Who cares if no one ever reads this, if don't impact anyone, or if there are grammatical errors in the post. The point is, I should stop aiming for perfection and just go for it.

The idea to start writing on this blog again, came while reading James Clear's book, "Atomic Habits" where he covers the dangers of aiming for perfection through a study conducted by Professor Uelsmann at the University of Florida. He describes how the professor dived the room into two groups of students. The first group would receive an end of semester grade based on the quantity of work they produced, 100 photos would equal an A, 90 a B, and so forth. The second group would only need to turn in 1 photo by the end of the semester and they would receive a grade based on the quality of the photo. In the end, he describes that the students in the first group had produced the best photos given that they had experimented with lights, composition, and production. On the other hand, the students in the second group produced mediocre photos given that they had spent all semester obsession with delivering a perfect photo instead of just going for it.

Therefore, here I am utilizing this blog again.

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