Welcome to my blog, She Is Tenacious! My name is Rosie, I manage the @SheIs_Tenacious handles on Instagram and Twitter. In this blog, I’ll share my experiences with personal finances, professional development, life, and so much more.

Professionally I work in sales operations, but my side hustles include reselling, teaching English, and 1:1 resume reviews. My free time consists of listening to podcast and audiobooks, hiking, coding, and volunteering with political and educational organizations.

|Why Tenacious?|

I was standing in the office of the dean of admissions for the honors college at my university when he said he admired my “tenaciousness.” Now if you Google the word tenacious, you’ll find two primary definitions, one that shows “tenacious” as an adjective to describe someone who is stubborn, annoyingly persistent, and perhaps hardheaded. The other definition will show “tenacious” as an adjective to describe someone who is persistent, strong-willed, and won’t settle until their goal is accomplished. I like to think the second definition came to mind when he described me as tenacious.

I had been standing in his office because I had somehow managed to get an appointment—typically only offered to high school students—with him to discuss why my application for the honors college had been denied twice. I was seeking feedback to take back and perfect my third application. I knew my SAT scores were not the best, but I had the grades, the personal statement, and extracurriculars necessary to be in the honors college. Plus, I knew being part of the honors college would open doors for me at the state university. He said he admired my tenaciousness because most students do not usually apply for a third time to the honors college, but he could see I was determined to make the honors college my home. Fast forward to a couple of months, and I was accepted into the honors college! I fully appreciated the acceptance and used it to learn from my environment, study abroad, and pursue opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.