Reflecting on Why

Recently I’ve been thinking about what direction I want to take this blog and Instagram account. When I started these it was late 2017 I had just quit my first out-of-college job where I had worked at a non-profit. While I loved the work at the non-profit, the pay and industry did not fit me well. I quit to take the time to reflect and figure out a plan to break into the tech industry.

The Foundation

In terms of finances, I had about $5,000 in savings, lived with my parents, and was only responsible for paying my $275 student debt bill plus the electric bill. My savings and my parents’ support provided a solid foundation to start my next endeavor. As I searched for a job in the tech industry I listened to personal finance podcasts and books that inspired me to create an Instagram account (IG) where I would document my personal finance and job search. I’ve since archived several of my earlier (and cringy) posts. I wanted to use this to connect with other people who had the same goal as myself, to become debt-free.

My First Financial Accomplishment

In early 2018, I landed a job at an up-and-coming high-growth start-up that none of my friends or family recognized the name of. That company is now a household name. With my new salary, I realized I had the potential to first pay off my consumer and student loan debt ASAP. By December 31st, 2018, I had paid off $5,500 in credit card debt. I shared in an IG post the details on how I had accumulated that amount and the car accident (caused by a drunk driver on their phone, please don’t drive under the influence or while on your phone!) that had set me back on my goals on paying off debt and moving to San Franciso. 

I Bought the House!

At the start of 2019, I decided to focus the entire year on saving about $2,000+ per month to buy a home and move out of my parents’ ASAP. I love them, but I needed my own space. I was very focused and by August I had over $20,000 saved, by December I had the keys to my new home. I now rent that home to my parents!

Where am I Now?

I started a new job in 2021 that relocated me out to San Francisco, California. I LOVE it here, but it is a very expensive city and while my income is almost 6x what my first job offered, my living expenses have also skyrocketed. Therefore, I’d like to get back to my why, which is actually no longer to be debt-free but to be able to utilize money in a way that brings me peace and flexibility. I have exactly $20,000 in student loans and over $200,000 in mortgage debt. The plan isn’t to pay this off, instead, it’s to grow my investments. I’d like to first build up my emergency fund, then save for another real estate property, and then either focus on paying off the mortgage debt, building up my stocks, or making work optional. With that, I hope you hear more from me soon, and thank you for your continuous support and encouragement!


photo of san francisco
Photo of San Francisco skyline from Kaiyo Rooftop Bar

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