I have never been a fan of writing, which is precisely my reason for starting this blog. From the time I entered Kindergarten to the day I submitted my undergraduate thesis, I have been writing for a grade or an acceptance. Having the pressure of pleasing someone who may or may not like my writing style is partly why I was never a fan of English classes. Additionally, growing up in a Spanish speaking household meant I constantly had to translate my thoughts from English to Spanish which led me to question my communication skills. Therefore, in the back of my mind I always had a small belief that my writing skills were not up to par. Reading on the other hand has always been a passion of mine. Even today, I still make time to read the occasional article or book. I am starting this blog because despite my love for reading, I have been losing touch with my writing skills.

As a young professional my everyday life is not filled with writing extensive grant requests or proposals that require careful thought for each word. Instead they are filled with short handed “txts” or quick email threads that often have little to no sentence structure or care for grammar. I guess my fear is that I will lose touch with the skills I struggled the most to obtain during my high school and college years when my writing was most criticized for the purposes of academia.

I believe that the best way for me to not lose those skills is to continue writing as consistently as possible and for that reason the She is Tenacious blog was created. Additionally, my inner changemaker has always led me to yearn to create something that will better the community. My blog will consist of advice that I wish I could have given my younger self, updates of my professional life, recommendations for succeeding in the work place, as well as other random topics here and there. I hope that this blog becomes a beacon of aid for someone out there, while also allowing me to continue practicing my writing. Thank you for visiting and feel free to send me an email at sheistenacious@gmail.com if you would like to connect or having any suggestions for me.

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